Yoga for Eyes

A set of exercises to help relax your eyes. This would be helpful during a long study session when your eyes are all red and hurting. Do each exercise for 2-3 minutes every couple of hours, it was it will only take you 10 minutes max- a nice short break!

eyes 1 eyes 2
eyes 3

  • Megan Molumby

    My study habits typically follow the theories of Cal Newport. Basically i ensure that I have ever question answered as it comes to me and not wait till the end of the semester or test to realize I don’t understand something. I also quiz myself periodically on old material so it remains fresh.

  • Fran

    This is a really helpful post, thank you so much! I know that me and many other members of my family often have eye strain or just eye fatigue from spending so much time working at the computer and this will definitely help ease some of that!

  • Love this post, Kat! I’m going to use it for myself (because being on the computer all day, everyday kills my eyes!) and I’m going to share with my tribe! Great, practical advice!

    • Kat

      Thank you Jacqueline! It seems like nowadays computers are our worst enemies!