More Sleep Cycles

More about sleep cycles! Talk about the best time to wake up and the importance of sleep

There are 2 “modes” of sleep: Slow wave sleep and REM sleep.

Slow Wave Sleep is super deep and is hard to interrupt. When you wake up during this phase, you don’t feel rested and are tired for the rest of the day.

REM sleep is lighter sleep, so it can be easily interrupted. A bonus to waking during a REM phase: remembering your dream and feeling energetic.

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Sources: The Mind’s Machine- my BioPsych textbook (graph). Dr. Lauren Graham- lecture on sleep rhythms and cycles.

Edit: I want to make a comment on the graph:

  • During the pink “awakening” times is when your REM cycle ends. That’s when you wake up in the middle of the night for a couple minutes and then fall back asleep
  • REM Cycles repeat roughly every 90 minutes, but it may vary slightly. If you wake up during the REM phase, you’re guaranteed to feel more energetic even if you slept a bit less than recommended (8 hours)
  • Check out the app Sleepytime for more information and how to calculate your wake up time!

  • Shamaila Farooqui

    Hi. I hav entrance exams in four months and my biggest problem is my sleep. It is very hard for someone to wake me up. I want to wake up everyday at 6am but I just end up waking up at around 8 am . Even if I put up alarms I just immediately switch them off in a second . So basically ,not being able to hear the alarm is not my problem but switching them off and going back to sleep is. Please just help me out.