Paper vs. iPad


Hey everyone!

I received many, many questions recently regarding taking notes on paper versus on a tablet. I will be talking about an iPad in this case, because it’s the one I’m most familiar with.

Taking notes on paper:

+ You’re able to write things down yourself, which should help remember things better
+ You can organize your notebook any way you like and use any note-taking technique you want
+ Journals aren’t very expensive!
– Too many notebooks add up to a heavy backpack.
– To annotate any other files, readings or powerpoints, you”’ have to print those out before class
– “Should I keep my 7th grade science journal in case I need it in the future??” Um, the most important question you’ll ask yourself during spring cleaning.


Taking notes on an iPad:

+ You can hand write (with a stylus) or type (attachable keyboard) your notes
+ There are many, many apps to take notes as well as keep you organized and stay on task.
+ All your work can be backed up on a cloud. Also, no more “should I keep this journal?”
+ All you’ll need is an iPad and a stylus/keyboard. No more heavy bags!
+ Expensive. $270- $500…

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  • databug

    I like the written pro/con list!

    One thing I like to do is a hybrid of paper and iPad use. I like to write on looseleaf paper during lectures or as scratch paper, then “insert it into a binder” by taking a picture of it with my iPad and organizing it in OneNote (as of March 2015, the app is much better than it was before). That way, I can take my iPad and review everything without being encumbered by weight.

  • Katrina

    I used to take notes on my laptop all the time, but then I started to find that I would get distracted. Thankfully this semester I’m only in one class, so I can afford to carry around a notebook notebook instead of my laptop >,<