My friends, it is here!

This week I’m giving away a box of office supply cuteness- folders, sticky notes, to-do lists, fancy pens, decorative boards, and a 2015 Weekly Planner! The poll will close in exactly a week, but until then you can enter as many times as you like.


Anyone is welcome to participate, no matter where you’re from. You can get points in by signing up for the weekly newsletter, sharing this post on your social feeds and Tumblr, and commenting on any article on this site. All I ask of you is to be considerate of your followers and not go overboard with the sharing. Just please make sure to use your email and/or Facebook so I can reach you in case you are the WINNER! 

As a bonus, the first FIVE participants will receive a free monthly subscription to– an online tutoring center. You can see my review of it here, it’s quite nifty! 

*Note: if you clicked subscribe to newsletter, you actually need to enter your email in the left sidebar to actually subscribe!

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  • So exciting! Yay!
    To be honest I don’t have much to study—not the way most people do. I’m a violinist, and most of my studying is in the form of learning notes :p But I used to be a terrible procrastinator until I started looking for ways to better myself. This blog has been a great help, even though lots of the information doesn’t directly pertain to me, I always try to find creative ways to make it work.

  • Jasmine

    My studying habits are a bit bad, but I always organize my notes and Im trying to be more productive so I followed you

  • Isabel

    I was so scattered my first year and since i’ve been following you, my studying strategies have improved and so have my grades!

  • generally i wake up early and start studying at 8am, and then, i study until i get tired :)

  • Livia Hirsch

    AHHH!!! I so wantto win this I am in desperate need of better study habits and this blog has been so helpful

  • Laura

    This is so great!

  • This is so cool!

  • Krystal

    This website is soooo cool!

  • As long as I’m studying in a somewhat quiet and naturally-lit place, I’ll be able to study effectively. I also keep a planner to stay organized and I always have a bottle of water on my desk when I study and switch it out with coffee when it gets later.

  • Samantha

    Hello! I love this site and have found this very useful in my first semester ^_^

  • Tiffani

    Thank you so much for running this blog! I love every post and the references are so helpful!

  • lh

    Woo, giveaway!

  • Thank you so much for doing this giveaway, it is amazing!

  • Ksenia

    Great giveaway!

  • Katy

    Cool. I love school supplies

  • Jolies

    Woa. This is awesome. OMG, thank you for organising this!!

  • Elizabeth

    Love the thought of the 2015 planner, going to college next year and winning this giveaway gives me a head start in getting organized and staying on top of my studies.

    • vicki

      organization is so important…I recommend this blog to all my students….vicki

  • angeline

    so excited for the giveaway!! :3

    my study habits are to have my table nice and neat before and after i use it. idk makes me feel better and stuff.

  • Delayna

    My study habits are taking notes on the main things I believe I need to memorize and listening to music that relaxes and motivates me ^^

  • Hello

    Hope I get it!

  • anna

    What is the best planner

  • Ina

    School’s next week and I hope I win!!!!!! SCHOOL SUPPLIES ARE LIFE.

  • Argh, I love school supplies so much!

  • Emma

    I’m so excited

  • Katie

    My biggest study help is study groups, not too big. It helps to get someone else’s perspective and to possibly fight over why your answer is right. ;)

  • Aurie

    This stationery is so sweet! …. I think having a set time and zoning-in routine is my most useful study habit. Routine consists of making a cup of coffee or something else hot, lighting a candle on my desk, flipping on a task light nearby, and (usually) scrolling down Tumblr for a few minutes (just for inspo, I promise!!!) before rolling into my work.

  • Inge Speemanns

    I come from The Netherlands, and am a full time student. It would be lovely to win these awesome things! :)

  • Thank you for the giveaway, it’s really nice of you.
    My study habits consist of using flashcards (lots of them), highlighting important dates/names/definitions/concepts with a color code, and I also make diagrams (when needed). Another way to learn without making a lot of effort is doing exercices that are already corrected and checking the correction once I finish (it’s reeeeeally useful)

  • Alyssa

    This is so exciting!!! I’ve never done anything like this before!

  • Sophie

    this is awesome! :D i study by making notes during & after lectures and going over them using flashcards every day to make sure i understand everything. i use colour-coding a lot too!

  • Jenny Lehto

    I don’t have so many study habits yet, but I’m learning. Right now I’m always practising vocabularies with Quizlet (Quizlet has saved my life ♥) and I’m using colors when writing notes during classes.

  • Chelsea

    This is so nice! All of those items are absolutely adorable! I make chapter reviews to help with studying for tests. The pens would help with making my reviews nice and colorful!

  • Courtney

    Some of my study habits include creating flash cards.

  • Rosni

    Wow, this is exciting, thanks for the giveaway! I think my biggest study habit is flashcards! I use flashcards for everything! At the end of the week, I make a set of vocab flashcards from everything I learned in Russian over the last week and main idea flashcards for my notes from all classes from the week. Then I use them the following week to review everything that I learned the week before! It gives me an extra section of review, besides just reviewing my notes right after class.

  • Shelley

    Some of my study habits are doing a “study guide” for every section or chapter from class. I combine all the class notes, homework, and book notes into one study guide for the test.

  • Brinkley

    Omg, this is so exciting.

    • Brinkley

      I use the pomodoro method to study. It works really well with me because it gives me a short term motivation.