iPad Apps for Students


If you have made the decision to use a tablet or an iPad for school, congratulations! I have found it to be so helpful, both in terms of freeing up some space in my backpack as well as keeping everything organized and in one place. One frequent question I get from my Tumblr followers is what are the top apps you can use for school?

Here is a quick list of productivity, note-taking, document reading, to-do list and some fun apps that can be integrated into your school life.

1. To be Productive

  •  When studying, the Pomodoro Timer can help you organize your schedule. The Pomodoro Rule (aka 45-15 rule) allows you to work for 45 minutes and rest for 15. Studying in smaller chunks like these helps you keep your best focus and re-energize when the concentration goes down.
  • If you are not a fan of set schedules, but would like to keep a clean and organized to-do list for all your activities, I’d recommend the GoodTask app

2. To Be Organized

  • To those who enjoy keeping a calendar online, Sunrise Calendar is a beautiful app. Similar to iCal, it includes Google calendar, Exchange and iCloud support, and is available on laptops, iPhones and iPads. It is also offered on Android!
  • StudyCal is also a great option for students who like to keep their daily tasks, class schedules, assignments and even grades all in one place.

3. To Take Notes

  • I take notes using GoodNotes app (Here is a screenshot). It is very simple and easy to use, doesn’t lag, and has handwriting recognition in case you need to do a search of you notes. Also includes PDF annotations as well as allows you to take photos and insert them right into your notes.
  • Another option is Notability an app very similar to Goodnotes, except that it offers a voice recording device and allows you to listen to the recording and see how you wrote your notes during lecture. Super cool!
  • Evernote and OneNote are also great apps for taking notes in class, but mostly if you prefer to type them. Both are saved on a cloud and are accessible from any device!
  • For various short and random notes, the App Store offers Post-It app, which lets you create Pinterest-like boards of post it notes from your photos.


4. To Study 

5. To Keep your Files

  • Microsoft Office: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneDrive, etc. These can be found in Bundles in the App store for free! Good to have just in case.
  • The app I use is Documents Free. It’s very simple and saves everything even if I’ve just opened it once. Helps with files like class syllabus that I randomly decide to check in the middle of the year.

6. Other Helpful Apps

Here is a screenshot of my iPad and the apps that I use:


  • Kate

    I’m just curious, what type of stylus do you use? I’ve been wanting to take notes on my iPad, but I haven’t found a stylus that works well enough for my letter size and writing speed yet.

  • Karen Anzures

    How do you manage to write on your iPad? I have a stylus, but putting my fist on the screen doesn’t let me write accurately, or it causes it to switch apps, etc. I currently use Notability.
    Also I want to check out StudyCal, I currently use MyHomework, which is awesome because it syncs across my devices, I have an iPad 2, and an android phone, so I’m always looking for things that sync across IOS devices and Android devices. Hopefully StudyCal does so.
    Thanks, such a great website, maybe I’ll post more comments now, since it’s being encouraged during the giveaway. :)

    • Kat

      Hi there! I totally know what you’re talking about- I’ve had problems with writing on an iPad too.
      If you use the “magnifier” option in Notability (bottom right hand corner in ‘pencil’ mode), there is a symbol that looks like a little hand. Click on that and you’ll see a gray bar come up. You can change its height however you like and put your hand on it when you write, so the writing doesn’t get messed up and there are no glitches.

      I hope StudyCal works out for you! Thank you :)

    • Karen Anzures

      Thanks! I’ll give that a try on Monday during my lecture! :D

    • Kat

      Good luck!!

    • Karen Anzures

      Hey, just wanted to thank you again. I tried the method you told me, and that is so helpful!!!! How could I have not known about this before! You’re a life saver! XD Thanks!

    • studyhack

      That’s wonderful, I’m glad that helped!! Good luck :)

  • The Pomodoro Timer looks awesome! I’m downloading it right now :)

    • Kat

      It’s a great study timer!