Flashcards: Make ‘Em Right!

The other day I decided to sacrifice my Math Quiz Section in favor of three hours of pure study time for the finals. I must add, I do not regret this decision, as lately things with organization have been getting out of hand.

While studying for my upcoming Psychology final, which has just so many theories and hypotheses, I decided to go for making flashcards (these have some great advantages!) To make things a bit different this time, though, I put the definitions in my own words and added some comments relating to my life experiences, movies I’ve seen or songs I’ve heard. For example, one flashcard that came out looked like this:


From this experience, I realized that there are several things I need to do to make my flashcard-making time worth…my time. Because if you think about it, after spending hours (sometimes even days) drawing these up, how much do you actually study from them? I’ll be honest and say that I give up the second I put the pen down, thinking that making the flashcards was helpful by itself. So, if you are like me, I would suggest following these quick tips to remember more while  making flashcards:

1. paraphrase
1. Paraphrase
– always restate the key definitions in your own words. This is help you to actually think about the meaning of the words and remember them a bit better.

2. categorize

2. Categorize – Categorize your flashcards by topic, theme, unit, etc. By creating meaningful links between key terms, you’ll remember them better.

3. system

3. Have a system – use the same abbreviations, color coding, linkages, titles, subtitles (everything!) throughout the flashcard set. Keep them consistent. This will reduce distractions and will make the writing easier to understand and read in the future.

How do you make flashcards? Do you have a quick-and-easy way? Tell me in the comments!

Study on and good luck on your finals!