A FREE Weekly Schedule Template

As a special thanks to everyone who has been following this site, I present to you a Printable Weekly Schedule Template! I’ve created it with the help of a certain talented someone and am eternally grateful for all his help. For now it’s only available in monochrome colors, but come 2015, we’ll post them in a variety of color schemes.

I am thinking of creating an Etsy page to post similar digital planners. The idea right now is to create printable note sheet templates for language, science and math classes, weekly schedules and college planning pages. What do you all think? Let me know if you have any requests/suggestions/questions and I’ll make sure to put them to action!

Of course, my fellow followers (social media and email!) will receive a promo code to get one for free as soon as it’s available. Here’s a little preview:

Weekly Apple

Follow this link to get a free PDF verion of the Weekly Planner: Download Weekly Schedule Template

Thanks everyone, happy holidays!

  • This is such helpful too thank you!

    • Kat

      Always a pleasure! Glad you like it :)

  • Wow, that weekly schedule looks absolutely amazing. I’ve just bought a diary but I am finding that I am needing something to help me plan hour by hour, perhaps I’ve just found it!

    • Kat

      There you go, I’m glad this could help!

  • That looks nice and fresh! Thanks!

    • Kat

      Thank YOU!

  • OMG, I really need this schedule! thank you so much for creating it <3 I've downloaded it and I'm gonna print it!

    • Kat

      This makes me so happy, thank you!! Good luck!