Decluttering For The New Quarter

My oh my has my desk suffered through a lot this year! I’ve been trying to come up with a nice little system to keep things in their places for a while now, and now the opportunity has come! As part of these Christmas/New Year’s gifts, my favorite person ever built me an organizer to keep all my papers, pens, sticky notes, and other office supplies. It has a very nice rustic look, which I love, and comes with a variety of pockets and dividers for all sorts of things. I’ve placed it near the corner of my desk so it wouldn’t cover anything, and am very happy with how things are looking here.

before and after

If you are looking for a nice excuse to reorganize a desk – look no more! I definitely recommend getting one of these super duper awesome organizers. They are sold in our regular office supply stores like Staples, Office Depot and Target for sure. If you’d like to get a more artistic, handmade or vintage look, here are my favorites:

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  • My desk (both at home and at school) look a lot like yours right now! I’m working on getting the one at home to be organized, but it’s going to be a struggle getting my school one clean. I’m getting back the day before classes start!

    Courtney | The Everyday Elegance

    • Kat

      Oh that it doesn’t mean you have to get super organized on the first day! I usually get everything ready too early and by the time school starts it gets messy again haha. Maybe it’s good that you’ll have to do it in the beginning of quarter?