Organizing with an Expandable Folder

A few days ago I received a question from a fellow student about organizing folders. I’ve been having that same problem for a long time now – with getting organized and keeping things in one place. So today I went out and purchased a simple expandable folder (see below) with 7 pockets. Right now I only have three classes, so that will give me a bit more freedom with filing handouts and homework to turn in.

I’m sure most of you have seen the folder I’m talking about:

Expandable Folder
So I am using two pockets for each class: one of all papers and another for homework that needs to be turned in. This system may go aloof in a little bit, but in a perfect world that’s how I would go about it. This quarter I got a small notepad for taking notes and will talk about it in the next post. So those fit perfectly into my new 7-pocket folder as well as all the other papers. Because the folder can expand to humongous widths, it gives me freedom to stuff as many materials and books in there as I wish. So I think I’ll stick with this friend for a while now :)

Expandable Folder 2


How do you guys organized all your homework papers and assignments? Share in the comments!

  • The problem I’ve had with these expanding folders is that the closure tends to be the first part of it that breaks. Not sure for your pictures if its an elastic cord + knob system or some thing else, but I carried around a bunch of different kinds of these in high school, and they were great right up until the closure broke, at which point they gaped open and became hard to manage.

    Hope you have better luck than me!

    • Kat

      Oh, I can totally see how they could break! The ones I used to have in school all had the sticky square thing, which would come off if I opened the lid too fast or something. I was thinking that this elastic cord + button would work a little better. I don’t plan on ripping it off anyway, so hopefully it will last. Thanks for the comment!