Filofax Update

Filofax UpdateHey guys! I wanted to give you a quick update on my love for le filofax. The one I have is The Original Personal Organizer in Navy, you can read more about it here.  I love, love, love how wonderful it is and how well it’s been working for me these last few weeks.

Original Personal Filofax Navy
Original Personal Filofax Navy Inside
Original Personal Filofax Inside PapersPlease pardon my messy handwriting, I’m really not used to keeping a neat planner. Mine always have a kind of crazy, a la “working girl” look which make it seem a lot more filled. When I look at it I feel super busy and important, although it’s just a bunch of squiggly lines.

This weekend my friend and I decided to go on a very spontaneous trip to San Francisco (don’t ask me how much those airplane tickets cost, it hurts!), so in the heat of inspiration and excitement I planned the whole trip on these 4 inches of paper (see the first image). I don’t think this planner is something I can take with me, but I sure will take the page out and put it in my wallet. The filofax itself is a bit heavy to carry around with my other books, so I just use it as my weekly desk planner. On Saturdays or Sundays I sit down, get all my class schedules in front of me and fill out the assignments for the next couple of weeks. This gives me a pretty good idea of what’s coming up and I can use it a check list (note the crazy orange check marks) as I finish the homework.

What kind of planners do you guys use? Let me know in the comments!

  • Thanks for sharing this post! I always like seeing how others use their planners :) At the moment I’m using a Kikki K A5 planner and I’m slightly regretting not getting a filofax type planner since I can’t insert any spare pages to write bigger notes or plan blog posts like you have here. To remedy that, I have an informal bullet-journal system going on in a moleskin journal of mine that I’ve been using since last year and that’s where all meeting notes etc go :D

    • Kat

      Oh my goodness, those planners look SO cute!!! The size looks exactly like mine, though. My blog planning sheets are kind of small too, so I have to try very hard to squeeze everything in (or just write on two sides of the sheet). I’ve been wanting to try the bullet journal planner for a long time now, but feel like without a moleskin notebook it’s not a the ‘true experience’ haha

  • Samantha

    In High School I never used my planner, but now in college I have to use it or I don’t get stuff done. It’s practically my life now. Haha

    • Kat

      Ah, I know, tell me about it!

  • Arancia

    This year I decided to try something different for my planner. I was very inspired by your blog and the chronodex in november and I tried different things in the last two months. Now from January I use google calendar for my academic appointments (the fixed ones). Every evening I plan my next day through a simple A5 notebook. After writing date &week day, I drow a long rectangle and some vertical lines: each “box” is an hour between 8am to 8pm. then use a color code for every activity such as lectures, grocery shop and so on.
    Keep on writing this wonderful blog!

    • Kat

      Wow, that sounds like such an organized system! I’m a little envious of your dedication :)

  • Looks like you’re super organized! I wish I could keep up with a paper planner but I always just rely on my phone calendar, haha.

    Undergraduate Style

    • Kat

      I’ve been using my phone for appointments and small reminders recently. It’s so much easier, isn’t it? This planner is more for the set schedules, like school and homework)

  • That planner looks so professional! I used to use Lilly planners for school, but now that I’m out of school I do everything digitally. It’s bad, but I always forget to use pen and paper! :(

    Chloe | Wanderlust in the Midwest

    • Kat

      I think it makes sense to use digital calendars when there are too many things happening around you! I may switch over to that later too haha

  • That’s an awesome planner! I’ve been looking for a new one recently and I’ll definitely have to check that brand out. I like how it has a lot of open space to plan- I hate ones that are cramped and have no room to write!

    • Kat

      Oh yeah, totally! And you can buy any kind of paper/templates to fill the planner with, so it’s all up to you and how you prefer it :)

  • I have a Filofax too (a brown Malden one) and absolutely love it! I got it for my 21st and I have no idea what I’d do without it. Totally get what you said about feeling important when theres lots written down haha.

    Laura |

    • Kat

      That filofax is so beautiful, I love how they all are made of natural leather!

  • Are you kidding me? Your handwriting is just so beautiful! I’m not going to lie, I’m a little envious of it haha.

    I use to get planners every year and then half way through – fail on using them. But this year I may take one up again. I’ve been debating haha.

    • Kat

      Story of my life. But I feel like once you invest in something like this filofax, it will be a shame to stop using it. That’s how I feel, so I keep writing everything down in it:)

  • Ana

    Oh I love planners so much! And your handwriting is not at all ugly!
    I use a Kate Spade large agenda and I love it! I like how big it is mostly but I should look into something like this, since it looks like it comes in handy!

    I hope San Fran is amazing! Have so much fun!

    – Ana from xx

    • Kat

      Thanks Ana! Kate Spade planners are so gorgeous!!