5 Habits of Organized Students

I haven’t posted this type of posts in a while, but I’m slowly getting back in the game. With finals finally being over, I’ve thought and reflected on what I did right and wrong in the quarter and came to the conclusion that organization may be one of the key aspects to good studying. So here are 5 habits that every organized student has and I would like to strive for in the next term:

5 Habits Of Organized Students

1. Studying and reviewing material right after lecture, every day/evening. A little bit of daily review will help avoid late-night cramming before any test. Make a study plan

2. Setting personal deadlines 3-4 days before the actual deadline. This gives some extra time for any edits or even emergencies that could come. No more “Ah, I have a 10-page essay due tomorrow!” at 11 pm anymore!

3. Using a good calendar/planner/organizer will help with seeing what’s coming up and due in the next weeks. I found a great app for any device a few days ago and am loving it!

4. Keeping the room and bag tidy will help with distractions and feeling of clutter in my head. This is definitely a problem and often I spent more time cleaning my room before studying than doing actual work. These are just a few things that affect our concentration.

5. Prioritizing tasks. Asking yourself, what’s due the earliest and what’s more important to get done? What can wait? What can I do later in the evening when my head isn’t working as well? What do I need to be sharp and attentive for?

What are some other things that help you stay organized? 

  • Great recommendations. I’d also recommend doing lots of extra reading it always helps your essays stand out!

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