Travel Update

Hello guys! I haven’t had any opportunities to get online behind a good computer and post something study-related, so here is a quick update on my latest travels. I’ve been taking photos only on my iPhone (5) and they’ve been turning out surprisingly well.

We got to Munich on Sunday the 12th and have been traveling around the area since then.

Today (Wednesday the 15th) we checked into the YoHo Hostel in Salzburg and immediately set out to explore. It’s a very pretty city, with cute shops, beautiful architecture and a lot of cafe’s. Since we only have one full day here (Sound of Music tour tomorrow!!!!), we tried to get a glimpse of the city as best as we could.

If all goes according to plan, we should be heading out to Berlin, Cologne and Amsterdam in the next few days! Stay tuned here or on my Instagram, @kbakh7

  • mashmato

    Sounds like your having an awesome time! The cafe looked super cute, I wish that my town looked like that :D I’m Ashleigh from the blog mashmato and I’ve nominated you for the Liebster award, which aims to promote new bloggers into the community :) There’s more on my blog post here-

  • Lauren Grier

    I’m loving keeping up with your trip! and you hair is growing so fast since the last cut!! hope you’re having a blast! xo

  • Great photos!

    Check out my latest post!