Looking Pretty Without Makeup

Hello hello! A few days ago I stumbled upon some random slideshow of famous actresses and singers without makeup, going about their days and doing their stuff. Some of them looked completely different from their Red-Carpet faces, and that didn’t really surprise me. I looked at them and thought, “Wow, she does look better with makeup on, poor lady.” But then there were these other photos, which I looked at and smiled. The stars didn’t look ugly, grumpy or gray – and there was one common pattern among them that made it so.

Turns out, the secret to getting that joyful, youthful glow is not completely buried in serums and creams. It’s actually in smiling. As I looked through the slideshow, I noticed that the celebrities that smiled at the camera looked just as pretty as they do in magazines – most likely because their smiles completely overshadowed the fact that they didn’t have 5 layers of foundation on. It’s one thing to smile at the cameras at parties and festivals. But smiling naturally, with joy and happiness, is something else. Glowing with natural positivity and giving off energy no matter the age just makes people so much more pleasant to look at! What’s more, studies have shown that smiling more can actually help us feel more happier (Check out this article). Now, some photos for comparison (courtesy of US Magazine)

What are your thoughts? Definitely makes me want to smile a bit more!