Study Productivity Tips

This week I wanted to share with you some Study Productivity tips by the Study Medicine Europe organization. Random little tips all over the internet are great, of course, but having them in one place, like this infographic is even better :) Save it, print it out and follow these suggestions to improve your studying!


  • Sharon

    Speaking and listening to teachers can improve learning as well as grades. Communication is very important. This are very important points for students

  • SLIM

    The author has done justice to this topic, These points are very important points to doing well in as a student
    great job

  • Meagan

    These are great tips! It never occurred to me that a student’s lifestyle habits can also have an impact on their academic performance!
    Can’t wait to use these for my next exams :)

  • Csl Students

    These study productivity tips will be of amazing use to all students. The author has done a great job by highlighting the most important points required to do well during your student life. Excellent job by the author!
    Thanks, Leong Siew