Author: Kat

Looking Pretty Without Makeup

Hello hello! A few days ago I stumbled upon some random slideshow of famous actresses and singers without makeup, going about their days and doing their stuff. Some of them looked completely different from their Red-Carpet faces, and that didn’t really surprise me. I looked at them and thought, “Wow, she does look better with makeup on, poor lady.” But then there were these other photos, which I looked at and smiled. The stars didn’t look ugly, grumpy or gray – and there was one common pattern among them that made it so.

Travel Update

Hello guys! I haven’t had any opportunities to get online behind a good computer and post something study-related, so here is a quick update on my latest travels. I’ve been taking photos only on my iPhone (5) and they’ve been turning out surprisingly well. We got to Munich on Sunday the 12th and have been traveling around the area since then. Today (Wednesday the 15th) we checked into the YoHo Hostel in Salzburg and immediately set out to explore. It’s a very pretty city, with cute shops, beautiful architecture and a lot of cafe’s. Since we only have one full day here (Sound of Music tour tomorrow!!!!), we tried to get a glimpse of the city as best as we could. If all goes according to plan, we should be heading out to Berlin, Cologne and Amsterdam in the next few days! Stay tuned here or on my Instagram, @kbakh7

5 Ways to Hack Undergrad Studies

From study groups and final exams to frat parties and sleep deprivation, there are many worries on the minds of undergrads. Social media feeds seem to be filled with tips on how to clean things, how to pack things, and other quirky little life hacks (like, clever things to do with binder clips and duct tape). But there are five hacks that make the undergraduate years more fun, more successful, and even less expensive.

My Study Abroad Story: The Beginning

Looks like it’s official now: I just signed my contract to go on an exchange at University of Sussex in Brighton, UK. Of course, there are still a few details left, like submitting some documents and visas and all that, but from what I understand I am now financially obligated to pay for my exchange in Spring 2016. It’s really exciting and I thought that to honor all the study abroad students out there as well as tell you all about my experience with it from the beginning, I thought I’d start a whole new series of posts (right now I’m also working on Tip-sy Tuesdays, you may have noticed those). As of now, there are a million things I am concerned about: courses, housing, extracurriculars, meeting people and of course paying for the whole thing. Even though I’ll be paying my regular UW tuition, there are a few additional catches like the conversion rate from dollar-to-pound being absolutely horrific and everything in the UK costing a ton. So right now the main thing on …

My Summer Travel Plans & Reads

This coming Friday I will embark on a crazy exciting trip to Europe, so this is my last week in the US for a good couple of months. I know I’ve mentioned it a bit in a few posts, so now is as good a time as any to get into the details. Travel Plans As many of you know, my family moved to Washington from Moscow, Russia, so we’ve been going back there to visit the rest of the family and friends. So on Friday I’m flying down there to see my grandparents and some old friends. The week after that my lovely boyfriend will arrive to Moscow, and I will show him around there. Hopefully it won’t be too hot! Moscow is such a beautiful city, especially the old town, so I hope he will enjoy it. From my experience I know I’m not a very good guide, as it’s very hard to translate things I’ve known in Russian for years into English on the spot, so it looks like I’ll be using …