Anti — Study Tip: Netflix Shows to Procrastinate With


Who has never binge-watched several seasons of Netflix shows in one night? I can’t say I haven’t, as this is my perfect way of procrastinating, aside from exploring Tumblr and trying to figure out this blogging stuff. TV is a great way to sit down and unwind after a long day, although I do feel very unproductive when there’s lots of homework to do. Nevertheless, you should always allot time for yourself to relax . Here I present to you my most recent Netflix faves, in no particular order.

1. Gilmore Girls.
Yep, I’ve mentioned it in my last post, but I’ve been getting pretty hooked on Gilmore Girls. It seems like such a simple show to watch, with very light drama and not much information to process, and it’s perfect for some crafting background. I can really relate to Rory in her academic pursuits and habits, although I still have some room for improvement.

2. Arrested Development.
My favorite show on Earth, up to maybe the fourth season. From now on, every line and joke from the show is a reference to any life situation. Easy to watch and with clever humor, Arrested Development is my go-to show when I can’t decide on what to watch. Me on any test now:

3. Parks & Rec
Leslie Knope inspires me to achieve great things, period. Also, I would like to have Ron Swanson’s mustache and be literally as positive as Chris Traeger. Let’s enjoy this for a minute (or a few hours!).

4. Orange is the New Black
A little bit more serious and at times quite intense, Orange… is the show I go to when there’s not enough drama going on in my life. At one point I did binge watch a season and a half of it, but then things just kind of died down when things got crazy there. However, I’m still planning on finishing the second season soon. Probably around finals time next quarter.

5. Psych
My little sister and I finished watching 8 seasons of Psych in probably less than 3 months, and that’s during a school year. It seemed like a great show to watch in the evenings, and even she was able to understand the jokes. Now every pineapple reminds me of Psych, somebody please help.

What shows do you guys watch? I’m almost done with Gilmore Girls, need something else as a back-up!!

How to Change Your Handwriting

Next on my list of topics to cover is dealing with messy handwriting. It’s a common question among students, and I too understand the hardship. I’m no expert on the matter (although at one point I did relearn some cursive), so I decided to ask my best friend and calligraphy guru for some advice. Here I quote him:

“When it comes down to handwriting, unfortunately it’s all about effort. Your handwriting is definitely a large part of you and is a representation of you as an individual. As you progress through life your handwriting will evolve as you yourself evolve, but sometimes it’s just not up to par with what you expect. It takes lots of practice to change it, but it’s not impossible. It only takes a little dedication and the willingness to change. I once asked my friend how his cursive was so good. It was a very traditional cursive, not like half print half third grade cursive. It was like business cursive from the 1900s. And he told me that he taught himself. He was tired of his messy, illegible handwriting and decided to change it one day. So he started writing in cursive and kept at it until it was flawless.

19th century accounting log
19th Century Bank Book(Source)


But the easiest way to start writing a new handwriting is like learning a new calligraphy script. You work one letter at a time. You master A, both upper and lower case, then move onto B and so on. Once you know each letter you write the alphabet all the way through in upper and lower case. Use a sketchbook to write it all out. Your practice sheets end up looking really cool once you’ve filled every space with a letter.

After this start integrating this new handwriting in everyday life. If you take notes a lot, use this new handwriting as a heading or to emphasize a word. Be creative and just start using it. Soon you’ll be able to write it without thinking and then it will become a habit. And by golly wouldn’t you know it, you’ve improved your handwriting.”

So there’s some wisdom for us all. To get us started with changing our penmanship, here are some resources and inspiration:

1. If you are learning cursive, print this out and stick it somewhere where you’ll always see it when writing. 

Printable Cursive Template
Printable Cursive Template


2. Check out some examples of handwriting, pick one or two that you like and start practicing Read more

The Beauty of Commuting

I’ve been commuting to university since my freshman year. I know the schedule of every bus with my destination options, how long it takes me to sprint from one bus stop to another, and the nearest parking lots in case I’m driving. Though sometimes a bit frustrating, commuting has more positive aspects, and it’s definitely a huge influence on my college experience.

None of my clothes mathFor me, living close to campus was never really an option, so I’ve had to settle on living at home and driving or taking the bus to school every morning. It’s really not as bad as everyone thinks it is, at least for me. I try to think of every bus ride as a tiny, 40-minute adventure and find something special, funny or worthy of telling others about on every commute.Let me tell you, things can get super crazy on the bus – one time this couple with twins and a ginormous stroller couldn’t get on the bus, and their babies were crying (of course). So all the riders were entertaining the twins for as long as they could – as long as the babies didn’t cry.

After a few months, I’ve started seeing familiar faces, and a simple smile from them, acknowledging my familiar face, brightens up my day. Knowing that there are other students like me, who take more than an hour to get to school, somehow calms me down and makes things more bearable.

My best friend on the bus is a thermos (not a phone! It’s my new thing. I try to actually look at what’s happening around me). It’s a bit dorky, I agree, but on a cold winter morning, nothing warms me up better than a hot cup of tea! This is my worst nightmare right here:


I’ve never really biked to the university – in my case it seems impractical. Also, I’m not in a good enough physical shape to bike 20 miles. But this is how I picture the moment I leave my house on a bike:


In terms of the ‘college experience’ aspect, I think commuting has a rather big influence on it. It’s difficult to stay on campus later in the evenings to hang out with people or waking up 3 hours before class so I can leave early enough to not hit traffic and be a little early for class.  However, everything is manageable if you want to make it manageable. You can make friends in classes and join clubs, arrange earlier study sessions and make special appointments with professors that fit your needs. It may take a little more effort for us than for those who live on campus, but it is possible.

I must say, I don’t really regret commuting – there are too many things I have left near home. It’s a personal choice that every college student gets to make at one point or another, and whatever that choice is, try to look on the bright side of things to get the best experience possible.

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Things to Do During Break

During BreakDuring a long break (mine is gonna be about a month this time!) I often find myself quite bored. When school occupies most of my time, I don’t ever think “Oh my,  I don’t know what to do with all this free time”. Nope, never. However, break is a different story. Here I’ve come up with some ideas for activities.

1. Get a job. This one is probably the nastiest one, so I wanted to get over it.

The pros: money and keeps you busy
The cons: keeps you too busy and sometimes exhausted.

2. Make gifts for the holidays. Make or purchase gifts for your family and friends!

The pros: no hassle the day before the holiday.
The cons: budget if purchasing gifts.

3. Start a project. Get a hobby, create something or learn a new skill!

The pros: getting some “you” time and enjoying life. Possibly learning something new
The cons: you could be working, but whatever.

4. Start a blog! There’s never a better time to start a blog, other than finals week of course c:

The pros: write, take photos, connect with different people, do projects for the blog, research. I love blogging.
The cons: you might think about giving up after a few weeks, but don’t! Keep it up and the audience will come to you.
See: Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress; the funnest but most difficult part is to pick a theme.

5. Go out. To the city, to events, to the movies.

The pros: no Netflix Binge Watching, less food to snack on when bored, not much boredom
The cons: might require a budget and a ride.


How do you spend you free time? Comment below!

study hack just kat

The True Value of Sleep

When is it better to go to bed and when do we get the best quality sleep? After scouring the internet for hours, I’ve found that it’s best to go to sleep as early in the evening as possible. Multiple sources and studies (Check out this one and this one) have confirmed this, and I have made a little chart based on what I’ve found.

Value of Sleep

It is also important to consider how you natural body clocks work and the cycles that you sleep through (called the REM/Non-REM sleep cycles). I’ve written a little bit about those already (and here), but basically the key is to not interrupt your sleep. If you do have to wake up even though you haven’t gotten your recommended 8 hours, it’s alright as long as you wake up in between the 90-minute cycles. Here is how they look like if you go to  bed at 10 pm :based on this schedule, it’s easier to wake up at 11:30, 1 am, 3:30 am, 4 am, 5:30 am, etc):


That being said, this doesn’t mean that you will feel as feel as if you slept the full night. This only implies that it will be easiest to wake up at those 90-minute increments. To feel fully rested, it’s best to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night.

If you are interested, here are some great apps I was recommended:

  • Sleep Cycle – a super fancy app that tracks your brain activity while you sleep, analyzes it and even works as an alarm. Available for iPhone and Android
  • Sleepy Time – doesn’t work as an alarm yet, but can calculate the approximate time when you have to wake up or go to bed based on what time you go to bed/wake up.

Off to get my beauty sleep now!

study hack just kat


My friends, it is here!

This week I’m giving away a box of office supply cuteness- folders, sticky notes, to-do lists, fancy pens, decorative boards, and a 2015 Weekly Planner! The poll will close in exactly a week, but until then you can enter as many times as you like.


Anyone is welcome to participate, no matter where you’re from. You can get points in by signing up for the weekly newsletter, sharing this post on your social feeds and Tumblr, and commenting on any article on this site. All I ask of you is to be considerate of your followers and not go overboard with the sharing. Just please make sure to use your email and/or Facebook so I can reach you in case you are the WINNER! 

As a bonus, the first FIVE participants will receive a free monthly subscription to– an online tutoring center. You can see my review of it here, it’s quite nifty! 

*Note: if you clicked subscribe to newsletter, you actually need to enter your email in the left sidebar to actually subscribe!

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Studying When Sick


I get sick at least 3 times a year (good old Seattle rain and wind), and all I do during that time is sleep and nap and feel pretty miserable. Of course, no work gets done at that time, and grades suffer. I’ve done some research and compiled a few ideas on how to keep yourself together while studying.

Obviously, to feel better sooner we need to drink a lot of water, rest, drink a lot of water and some medicine. In my opinion, if you’re going to avoid doing homework (which you should, nothing good will stay in your head if you study in such a bad condition), it’s best to work ahead a little bit. I discovered that reading all my textbook chapters on the weekends significantly reduces the homework load on the weekdays.

a) Start studying for exams at least a week in advance. You don’t know what’s gonna come up in the last couple of days before an exam, and the last thing you want to do is fail because you simply didn’t feel very well. Read the book a week in advance (I found that it helps me feel less stressed, too), and do future homework as early as possible.

However, if the “sick study” situation does happen,

b) Break big study plans into small, 15-30 minute chunks. Don’t overwork yourself, it might make things worse.

c) Do the easy tasks that don’t require much thinking/memorization. For example, write, make flashcards, rewrite your notes, etc.

d) Get lots of sleep when you can. That’s the best way your body heals itself and if you overwork it, you’ll only feel worse on the test day.

Hope this answers your questions. Again, these are just my ideas and suggestions, there are obviously other things you can do to focus a bit better. If there’s something you’d like to add, comment below!