My Favorite Pens for Note-Taking

In the last post I talked about taking notes in a journal and some things to remember when doing that. To expand a bit more and answer a lot of your questions, I’d like to share with you my most favorite pens that I use for school in a few close-up photos.

I tend to write in cursive way more than in print: it’s faster, easier for my hand, and doesn’t look half-bad. It’s very satisfying to flip through the pages of a finished journal and see everything written in the same style, with the same pen, and with the same note-taking structure . Some time in the winter I bought a couple of very simple-looking G-TEC-C4 Pilot Pens at the UW Bookstore. These pens are amazing and I love them so much that I haven’t lost a single one in the last few months (new record!).

Preparing for Next School Year + New “To-Do” App

Once the summer vacation starts, it’s so tough to think about school. I know I definitely don’t miss the times in high school when we got assignments for fall and they were hovering in my head like an enormous debt. What’s worse, putting that brain to work after a long vacation is no easy task. There are a few simple things I’ve been doing for the last couple of summers that really helped me stay toned for work and ready for school in the fall. The key is to do them throughout the summer vacation, not a week before school begins.

1. Wake Up Earlier

This will make waking up for school easier once it starts and will give you more time throughout the day to explore and be productive! I don’t know how early “early” is for you guys, but for me 10 a.m. is still pretty early in the day. If you think about it though, the average adult needs about 8 hours of sleep. So if you get yourself used to waking up slightly earlier than your normal ‘sleep-in time’, you’ll get yourself used to it for the upcoming school year.

2. Stay Organized

No need for a fancy planner or anything like that, since there are rarely any homework assignments (thank goodness). Instead, plan your days with an app in your phone and stay up to date with all appointments, work and trips. I recommend a great (and free!) one called TickTick, my recent discovery. It has a super clean, easy-to-use interface with one huge “+” button in the middle that will make it very easy to write down your reminders in one place. In addition to it being a great option for a calendar on-the-go, there is a way to print out all your tasks, attach photos and even share the lists with friends and family.

I’ve also been using TickTick for school lately and it’s been helping me fabulously in keeping up with all my homework assignments, tasks, appointments and even work shifts. There are amazing options for reminders, calendar view, and synchronization over multiple devices, so I’ll be sure to keep this app for my travels and the next school year. Because all versions, mobile and desktop, are very user-friendly, I just have them open on all devices so I can glance there every once in a while and check off what I’ve done. (I think I got my little sister hooked on it, too)

To get to the point, it’s good practice to keep that agenda handy and get yourself in the habit of writing down reminders and making to-do lists. Even if your summer isn’t too busy, it never hurts to stay organized.

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Find TickTick here: WebsiteiOS App, Android App, Chrome Extension, FireFox Extension

3. Read

This is kind of a obvious and cheezy one, doy. With the huge amounts of homework throughout the year I’ve barely found time to sit down and enjoy a good book. Reading will keep your eyes and brain sharp and ready to process information, as well as give something intelligent to do on besides sitting in front of a computer screen 24/7. I for one, am very excited to get to that (right after those exams…) and my current reading list is taped on the wall in front of me for months: Paris by Edward Rutherford, Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert , reread Unmasking the Face by Paul Ekman and perhaps something else I will most likely dig up in a bookstore.

~Some personal news: I’ve been accepted to an Exchange program in the UK for next winter/spring, but haven’t reached my final decision yet. The commitment is huge in terms of finances, so there are still a million things to consider and calculate. Nevertheless I will be exploring the topic of study abroad in the next few weeks as I’m planning my own exchange, so do expect some posts on that topic!~

What are your plans for the summer and how do you keep yourself sharp for the next school year?

Her Campus Guide to College Life

Her Campus Cover

If you are a high school student looking forward to college, applying to college or a student in college already, this post is for you. A few months ago I got a chance to join the Her Campus Blogger Network, which is a networking site for high school and college bloggers. They have grown quite a bit now and on May 19th published their first Her Campus Guide to College Life! I decided not to wait too long and purchased my copy on Kindle and can now read it on the go as I’ve been going for more compact ways of carrying my books and notes throughout the day.

The book covers everything from academics to relationships to safety to instructor communication and is an invaluable introduction to everyday college life. I only wish I read it two years ago as a freshman, it would have made things so much easier!

My two favorite sections were Landing Jobs and Internships and Study Abroad, as the two have been my main focus in life these past few months. When I just began thinking about looking for a job in my field, I didn’t really know where to start. These chapters give a very nice and complete overview of things to consider and to search for.

Jobs and Internships Studying Abroad

All in all Her Campus Guide to College Life is definitely worth a read whether you are a high school or a college student and want to get the full college experience.

Have you read this guide? What other similar books can you recommend for fellow students? 

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Where to Buy Textbooks

Buy Textbooks

It’s no secret that college textbook costs makeup a significant amount of money every quarter – the maximum I’ve paid was about $500 per quarter for all new textbooks. Well, that was dumb, but that was also the first quarter of my freshman year in college, so no judging please. Since then I’ve rented, borrowed, bought and sold over 30 books, so here are some good websites I’ve used to do that.

Format Variety

2. New Textbooks: buying books new deliciously shiny textbook is always nice, but also expensive. Unfortunately, there’s no way around it if you’re buying a custom-made book, but I’ve always been able to find used copies for more generic textbooks.

3. Used Textbooks: the textbook can be lightly (or heavily!) used by someone before you, but that means that it costs much cheaper now. I’ve owned used textbooks and saved tons of money, but found that there’s no guarantee as to what you’ll get, how much writing will be in it, and which pages will be all highlighted. Risky, but if you’re trying to save money – perfect!

4. Renting Textbooks: similar to purchasing a used textbook, but much, much cheaper. Rentals can cost up to $40 dollars a quarter, but most of mine have cost me about $19. Really nice, but again, no guarantees that every single line won’t be highlighted already.

5. eBooks: alternatives to paper copies, these will save you a ton of space in you bag. Most of the time you’d be able to download these on your tablet or reading device (like a Kindle) and take it anywhere with you. Highlight by tapping on the words and add notes between the lines. Everything is great about these, except they cost about the same the new textbooks and you don’t get the advantage of writing in your own hand.

In terms of paper textbooks, I’ve found that using a looseleaf book is sooo much easier than a hardbound one. It comes with three holes to put into a binder, and you’d be able to pick out as many pages as you want and take them with you. I’m sticking to these in the future.

Now, the Websites

1. Chegg

They mail you your purchased textbook in a box with a return label in the box. All you have to do is get through the quarter, put the books back in the same box and drop it off at the post office! Super easy.

2. Amazon

Amazon is very similar to Chegg in terms of purchases, rentals and eBooks. If you have Prime Membership, you’d be able to receive your orders within two days (by the way, if you are a University student, you can get Free Prime Membership!!). In addition to that, purchasing an eBook on Kindle may be easier, as you can get free trials and fast downloads.

3. by Ebay

This is not the same as eBay, but the site is run by eBay. I’ve found all of my textbooks for next quarter on it, so give it a try!

4. Barnes and Noble

A bit on a higher end here, but very similar to Amazon. Delivery could be cheaper as you could order the textbooks to the closest store. Haven’t quite used it myself, but will definitely look into it!

5. BookScouter

Made specifically for college and high school students. You can buy books from various vendors through book scouter, much like Amazon.

5. Facebook groups

If you are in college, there most likely is a “Textbook Exchange” group, where people post their used textbooks or seek to purchase some. Ask around and/or look it up, this can save you so much money!

Where do you purchase your textbooks? Share in the comments!

Shopping at Paper Source


At Paper Source.

On a bit of a personal note, I want to share what I’ve purchased on this year’s Black Friday shopping spree. I’m not much of a shopper, but when it comes to little paper and sticky notes goodies, nothing can stop me. Yesterday my little sister and I went to Paper Source  to get started on our Christmas/New Years gift shopping. The trip was successful in terms of buying presents, but not so hot in terms of my budget. Nevertheless, I’m happy with my purchases. Here’s a few of them:




You can see a Sephora bag lurking in some of the photos: I couldn’t stop myself from buying makeup, yet again. Reading a ton of Beauty Blogs on Bloglovin‘ is not good for my budget.  This time I bought the Benefit’s Stay Flawless 15-hour Primer and Clinique’s Acne Solutions Liquid Makeup. Hopefully this will be my last purchase for the next few months.

Oh well, I’m off to studying for les finals. Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

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