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Taking notes effectively is not that easy. Browse through some ideas to see what looks good for you.

Before our Classes Begin: A Checklist

A quick checklist to prepare for the upcoming semester. 1. Office supplies. The most important step of all (probably not, but why can’t it be?). Go out and get yourself some cute stationery! Journals, pens, pencils, highlighters, extra paper, sticky notes, etc. 2. A planner. I don’t know about you, but a few weeks into any quarter I stop using my planner completely. I feel confident enough in my memory, despite the numerous times I’ve forgotten to turn in assignments. A new year is the best! time to go out and get a new planner. Some posts: Free printable weekly to-do template, planners online, filofax love, chronodex planner, bullet journal. 3. Check the classes Make sure to take a look at the class websites and read the syllabi (syllabuses? that sounds weird). Take a look at the textbooks and see if there are any assignments that need to be completed prior to the first day. See some reviews on, get an idea of what to expect from a class. 4. Have some note-taking options This …

How to Change Your Handwriting

Next on my list of topics to cover is dealing with messy handwriting. It’s a common question among students, and I too understand the hardship. I’m no expert on the matter (although at one point I did relearn some cursive), so I decided to ask my best friend and calligraphy guru for some advice. Here I quote him: “When it comes down to handwriting, unfortunately it’s all about effort. Your handwriting is definitely a large part of you and is a representation of you as an individual. As you progress through life your handwriting will evolve as you yourself evolve, but sometimes it’s just not up to par with what you expect. It takes lots of practice to change it, but it’s not impossible. It only takes a little dedication and the willingness to change. I once asked my friend how his cursive was so good. It was a very traditional cursive, not like half print half third grade cursive. It was like business cursive from the 1900s. And he told me that he taught himself. He was tired …

How to Remember Your Lecture

Listen actively- think about what you’re hearing, connect new and old information and write things down in your own words Pay attention and ask questions: it helps if you understand what’s going on. Review your notes after class (in the evening) Study a little every weekend– it’s better than studying for 12 hours in 1 day.

Paper vs. iPad

Hey everyone! I received many, many questions recently regarding taking notes on paper versus on a tablet. I will be talking about an iPad in this case, because it’s the one I’m most familiar with. Taking notes on paper: + You’re able to write things down yourself, which should help remember things better + You can organize your notebook any way you like and use any note-taking technique you want + Journals aren’t very expensive! – Too many notebooks add up to a heavy backpack. – To annotate any other files, readings or powerpoints, you”’ have to print those out before class – “Should I keep my 7th grade science journal in case I need it in the future??” Um, the most important question you’ll ask yourself during spring cleaning.   Taking notes on an iPad: + You can hand write (with a stylus) or type (attachable keyboard) your notes + There are many, many apps to take notes as well as keep you organized and stay on task. + All your work can be backed …