Textbook Read Tips

I got some questions recently on reading a book/textbook and taking notes. Here is the part about textbook reading, I’ll come up with novel-type book reading soon!

The three main things you can do while reading a textbook are:

1) Stop highlighting and start writing things down- on margins or in a notebook. Because you’re thinking while writing, it will help you remember the information more.
2)Take concise notes, don’t include details. Key concepts and short descriptions only, no ramblings.
3) Look at the big picture. Summarize the chapters you’ve read, organize all information on paper. In the end you will know the key ideas and will just need to sort out the smaller details.

Happy reading!

Reading with Post-it Notes


Hey everyone, I’ve received a few questions about using post-it notes for reading and taking notes, so here are a few pictures of how I do it:

(To make it less complicated, I used a children’s French cook book called “The Young French Chef.”)

1. On the tiniest, green little flags I wrote down the # and name of chapter.


2. On the pink one (which I actually cropped a little), is the important part of the recipe I want to highlight. The top border of the paper underlines that part also.


3. On the biggest, bright blue note, I summarized the chapter.


So all together it looks like this (this is very minimalist, though)