Taking Notes- Cornell Method

Wanted to share my notes with you guys.
This quarter I decided to use the Cornell Method for note-taking and it seems to be working quite well!



While in Lecture

Simple tips on how to get the most out of your classes and save time studying.

Foreign Languages

Things to keep in mind when learning a foreign language.



  • Always read out loud! Focus on pronounciation and accuracy. You may sound better in your head than in real life, and without practice you won’t improve.
  •  Study vocab with flashcards. Take your time to make them.
  • Apply new grammar rules in practice problems.  Without application and practice, there won’t be much use to it.
  • Practice, practice, practice! 


Study with Flashcards

Some benefits to using flashcards when studying



Study Breaks (45-15 Rule)

The “Pomodoro” technique for managing your study time. 45/15 rule.

Yoga for Eyes

A set of exercises to help relax your eyes. This would be helpful during a long study session when your eyes are all red and hurting. Do each exercise for 2-3 minutes every couple of hours, it was it will only take you 10 minutes max- a nice short break!

eyes 1 eyes 2
eyes 3

Stay Focused


Some quick notes on staying focused.

Ways to Take Notes

A Visual guide to note-taking systems: The Cornell Method, Outlining, Mapping and Charting