5 proved tips for writing a fresh book review

I’m very pleased to introduce to you my friend Chloe from Youreasystudy.tumblr.com blog! Most students have had to write book reviews or responses at least once in their academic careers, so here Chloe explains how she likes to approach the task.

Do you know how to write a fresh book review? You may have already faced with this unordinary task but we have some tips for you to do it at your best. Some basic things you should know is that a book review is intended to describe, analyze and evaluate. It also should render your personal opinion in accordance with a plot of a book. Let’s see what needs to be remembered to write as a master.

1. Look for a literature to get prepared.

Gather as much information about your book and its author as you can. Search results may contain what you need, otherwise use online libraries.

2. Use simple and neutral language.

Try to express your thoughts in an ordinary manner which is understandable and simply readable. Avoid difficult sentences and phrases but rather use short ones. Write as simple as you think and speak. This skill should be practiced but the more you do it, the faster you learn to write without making the things sound difficult.

3. Seek advice in some online tools.

Increase a vocabulary for your report in seconds with the help of some tools like synonymizers or programs to find antonyms, English dictionaries, etc. To determine how many words you have overused or repeated in your text try this great online service named Wordcounter to check it out.

4. Do not plagiarize!

There are possibly the sources in the Internet offering a report on the same book as you have. You will want to use it for help. This is a good idea if you try to inspire and utilize it as an example. But it is also a bad idea if you try to copy some parts of it. Copying somebody else’ ideas is always not the greatest decision, especially when it is checked by your professor. Stay original, use your own words.

5. Give somebody to read what you have written.

It’s better to ask somebody who didn’t read a book. If a person understands everything outlined in your report then you have done a good job! Ask that person to make a list of questions for you on the parts which were not understandable for him/her. This is a good trick to come to a thought that you could miss something important. On the contrary ask him/her opinion on the whole.

Be cool at your reports writing, train hard and train harder than before. In case you need somebody’s help, you can use Paperdunow.com for an expertly written paper from scratch made in the short term and use it as good example.

Check out Chloe’s blog http://youreasystudy.tumblr.com/ and say hi!