What Is “Studying”?

“Studying” has at least two components: what you do in class and what you do at home: 
1) In class your job is to listen very actively, participate and take notes. It’s important to understand the new concepts IN class, so you’re not too lost at home.

2) At home, it’s a good idea to read the textbook (before you come to class so the amount of new information in class is not overwhelming), review your notes from previous classes and doing practice problems and tests.

Important note: Everyone studies differently. You don’t have read, take notes and review in that same order I told you: you have to develop your own system for studying, that will work for you and produce good results. These are just ideas and some things I know everyone does in one way or another.

Another important note: Don’t cram and do all of these the night before a test. This should be done consistently throughout the week. That way, if you have short study sessions everyday, it will be less stressful and useful than having one huge one the night before a test.