6 Tips For Finding Motivation To Study

This week I realized that in order to actually sit down and do some work (any work, really), we must be really motivated to do it. Since there is plenty of tasks we simply can’t get started on, I’ve come up with a few things that could help us get our study/combat/I-Can-Ace-Everything mode going:

How to Get Motivated To study

1. Clean up your desk and room. Like I mentioned in the previous post, clean room = clean head

2. Organize all loose papers. Put them in a binder or folder, keep them in one place and in good order that you can follow.

3. Make a “to-do” list. Can’t do anything without that. Whether you’re using an app or a simple journal, setting your goals and tasks is a priority

4. If time permits, watch an inspirational movie. I usually combine it with cleaning my room. My personal favorite is “Legally Blonde” – I instantly get a wave of inspiration to study something and ace it. What’s your inspirational film or show?

5. Approach tasks in smaller chunks. Do homework in 30-45 minute increments like in the Pomodoro Technique. This is optimal time frame just because you’d be able to focus but not get too tired.

6. Reward yourself with food & breaks. I eat sweets and drink tea.

How do you get yourself pumped to study? It sure isn’t easy for me.

Are you ready for the next school year?

With only a few weeks left before Fall quarter starts, it may be a good idea to start looking ahead.

  • If you already have your schedule, go down the list and look up the classes you’ll be taking. It’s good to know a little background info before you show up on the 1st day.
  • Professor ratings (my favorite!): look up your professors‘ names on RateMyProfessors.com. It has reviews from students who have already taken classes with that instructor.
  • Know what to expect: look through the textbook material, maybe some introduction videos, etc.
  • Buy office supplies. This might as well be on the top of this list.

Add your suggestions in the comments!

Yoga for Eyes

A set of exercises to help relax your eyes. This would be helpful during a long study session when your eyes are all red and hurting. Do each exercise for 2-3 minutes every couple of hours, it was it will only take you 10 minutes max- a nice short break!

eyes 1 eyes 2
eyes 3