Chronodex planner

I've received quite a few messages asking about the Chronodex Planner system (designed by Patrick Ng), so I decided to write a few sentences about it. Basically, it's a very compact and organized way to put all your daily tasks in one little circle, as well as a daily opportunity to color something … Continue reading

Weekend Study

I really should be posting more, but school really is taking a lot of time. I feel a little guilty whenever I get some free time- should I be studying for that Tuesday test right now? What if it could make a difference in my scores? But by the end of the day my brain decides to turn off and … Continue reading

What Is “Studying”?

"Studying" has at least two components: what you do in class and what you do at home: … 1) In class your job is to listen very actively, participate and take notes. It’s important to understand the new concepts IN class, so you’re not too lost at home. 2) At home, it’s a good … Continue reading