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How I plan to Study

My freshman year of college didn’t go too well for several reasons. One, I had no idea what I was getting into: how the classes go, how to prepare for them, how to set a schedule, etc. Two, I didn’t know how to study. I tried so many different things, different techniques, took notes in various ways, made flashcards. But it turned out that jumping around like that only made it worse. Without having a steady, set way to prepare for each class, I couldn’t remember the information very well and ended up not doing too hot on the tests. So now I want to actually set some goals for myself. Maybe these will be helpful to you guys too! 1) In class: Always take notes, using 1 method: Cornell, Mapping, or Outline (on paper or on an iPad) Listen actively, connect new information to something I’ve already heard or know No mindless writing: take notes in my own words. This keeps your mind working during the lecture. 2) At home: ALWAYS read textbook material before class. …

Textbook Read Tips

I got some questions recently on reading a book/textbook and taking notes. Here is the part about textbook reading, I’ll come up with novel-type book reading soon! The three main things you can do while reading a textbook are: 1) Stop highlighting and start writing things down- on margins or in a notebook. Because you’re thinking while writing, it will help you remember the information more. 2)Take concise notes, don’t include details. Key concepts and short descriptions only, no ramblings. 3) Look at the big picture. Summarize the chapters you’ve read, organize all information on paper. In the end you will know the key ideas and will just need to sort out the smaller details. Happy reading!

You don’t have to read EVERYTHING

Recently, all the reading assignments have been SO overwhelming.  I complained to a friend about how much reading we are assigned (for one class, we have to read 4 chapters a week each about 50-60 pages long… ), she told me something that completely shocked me: that I don’t have to read in order to get a good grade. I was so surprised, because obviously you don’t have to read anything, you can always wing it, but the idea of getting a good grade without reading sounded a little weird.  Her point was that if the lecture covers the exact same material as in the book, you don’t need to learn it twice. It might take a couple of weeks to figure this out, but compared to how much time you’ll save, it’s nothing. So the idea is that you just have to listen very closely to what is said on the lecture, write down notes and try to process everything right then. However, if you don’t understand the concepts or whatever you’re studying, it won’t …