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My Summer Travel Plans & Reads

This coming Friday I will embark on a crazy exciting trip to Europe, so this is my last week in the US for a good couple of months. I know I’ve mentioned it a bit in a few posts, so now is as good a time as any to get into the details. Travel Plans As many of you know, my family moved to Washington from Moscow, Russia, so we’ve been going back there to visit the rest of the family and friends. So on Friday I’m flying down there to see my grandparents and some old friends. The week after that my lovely boyfriend will arrive to Moscow, and I will show him around there. Hopefully it won’t be too hot! Moscow is such a beautiful city, especially the old town, so I hope he will enjoy it. From my experience I know I’m not a very good guide, as it’s very hard to translate things I’ve known in Russian for years into English on the spot, so it looks like I’ll be using …

My Trip to Paris and a Gift Idea!

Last (wow, it’s 2015!) summer, my best friend and I went on a trip to Paris. It was a magical experience, and the city was more beautiful than I had expected. Tons of pictures, colorful experiences, meeting people in hostels and of course drinking gallons of coffee in Parisian cafe’s, everything was perfect. Now I consider myself a pretty good gift giver and maker, hence why I would like to share with you something I’ve made for her birthday. I found a vintage map of Paris, a poster, in my university’s bookstore. I thought this may be a cool background or even wrapping paper for a gift, but didn’t end up thinking of anything clever to wrap it around, so this ended up being a poster. Ugly but precious pictures and my secretly-hidden tickets and flyers make up the frame of the board, little thumb stamps point to all the places we’ve managed to hit in 3 days, and tags have some of our best jokes and memories. You will notice there are some random …

Foreign Languages

Things to keep in mind when learning a foreign language.   Always read out loud! Focus on pronounciation and accuracy. You may sound better in your head than in real life, and without practice you won’t improve.  Study vocab with flashcards. Take your time to make them. Apply new grammar rules in practice problems.  Without application and practice, there won’t be much use to it. Practice, practice, practice!